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Second most important design goal for Touch line loudspeakers was to create loudspeakers of the highest possible sensitivity to match with 1-100 watt amplifiers and achieve high sound pressure level with minimum distortions. Touch B6 is the only bookshelf loudspeaker model made for applications where floor-standing loudspeaker is not an option but small form factor with great power and accuracy is necessary.

Technical Information

Acoustic Design 2-way passive, vented
Drive Units “bullet tweeter” with ketone polymer diaphragm, 6” high sensitivity composite fiber cone woofer
Frequency Range 45 Hz-20 kHz
Phase Response(acoustic) +/-15 degrees (100 Hz – 20 kHz)
Max continuous Sound Pressure Level 102 dB @ 45 Hz, 108 dB (90 Hz-20 kHz)
Sensitivity 90 dB 1W/1m
Amplification Amplifiers are not included. Recommended amplifier power for a single loudspeaker is 5-100W
Dimensions (cm), weight 28(W) x 39(H) x 35(D), 15 kg (each)
Loudspeaker placement Minimum distance from the loudspeaker to the listening spot – 1.5m. Minimum distance from the loudspeaker to the wall behind - 0.5m