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Reflector Audio Bespoke P1805 acoustic system is the latest addition to Bespoke Line and it features the same unique baffle-free design concept with all its benefits. The main difference is that unlike previous Bespoke models, the new Bespoke P1805 features two low frequency drivers instead of four. With less low frequency drivers the size of P1805 acoustic system becomes way more suitable for compact living spaces and therefore Reflector Audio unique design concept is now available where previous models are simply too big.

Technical Information

Acoustic Design 2-way baffle-free horn loudspeaker
Drive Units 3” true piston motion titanium nitride coated titanium diaphragm compression driver, two 18” extremely powerful paper cone woofers
Frequency Range 25 Hz-20 kHz
Phase Response(acoustic) +/-20 degrees (100 Hz – 20 kHz)
Max continuous Sound Pressure Level 100 dB @ 25 Hz, 118 dB (60 Hz-20 kHz)
Sensitivity LF 95 dB 1W/1m
Sensitivity HF 112 dB 1 W/1m
Amplification Complimentary amplifiers are included
Dimensions (cm), weight 44(W) x 135(H) x 37(D), 30 kg (each)
Loudspeaker placement Minimum distance from the loudspeaker to the listening spot – 1.8m. Minimum distance from the loudspeaker to the wall behind - 0.5m